Navigating Trucking During Tough Times

Navigating Trucking During Tough Times We can all agree that trucking has drastically changed especially over the last couple of years due to the major influences from the COVID-19 pandemic… it might be tough for some truckers to navigate. Trucking has always had its ups and downs and will most definitely take you outside [...]

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Looking Ahead in Trucking: Plan for Higher Fleet Costs and Poor Availability

Looking Ahead in Trucking: Plan for Higher Fleet Costs and Poor Availability  If you are planning to be in the market for a new truck in 2022, you may be surprised to hear that most of the Heavy Duty truck manufacturing capacity in North America is sold out.  This means that the remaining availability will [...]

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Introducing the Peterbilt 536 for Rent at JX Truck Center

Introducing the Peterbilt 536 for Rent at JX Truck Center After five years of researching, engineering, and testing Peterbilt released the Model 536 specifically for the Class 6 non-CDL full service lease, daily rentals, and pickup & delivery customers. Let’s start with comfortability. Firstly they not only widened the cab to 2.1 meters they [...]

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Value of a Full Service Lease

Value of a Full-Service Lease Knowing when to lease or when to own can be key to the success of a business. Our full-service leasing options can eliminate the burdens associated with truck ownership, including maintenance, shop labor, fuel tax reporting, and vehicle disposal. The value fleets receive from a JX Full-Service Lease is stronger [...]

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How to Improve Driver Retention

How to Improve Driver Retention One of the major industry problems continues to be driver retention. What are some things that companies can do to improve their driver retention? Let’s dig in! Driver retention is one of the top concerns with companies that utilize their own fleet and it is showing no signs of [...]

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The Peterbilt Model 567 Arrives to JX Rental

A variety of spec combinations is the great opportunity to see for yourself how versatile this Peterbilt model 567 can be. As JX Rental enters various new markets in 2020 we have chosen the versatile Peterbilt model 567 to fit all these needs. From day cab tractors setup for dry van trailers to refuse [...]

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JX PacLease Prepares Your Fleet for the Winter Weather Ahead

For some, winter weather has already arrived; while others are seeing a nice finish to the autumn weather. Regardless of your location, winter is coming and bringing cold temperatures and potentially hazardous road conditions. JX PacLease performs winter inspections ensuring the proper cold weather operation of your truck components. However, there is still more you [...]

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Why you need a Custom Spec’d Peterbilt Truck Lease

When it comes to leasing equipment, every business requires specs to fit their specific needs. For example, people have different needs when they shop for shoes. We purchase running shoes that are specifically designed and engineered for running. Now, we can choose to run in our dress shoes but it would be less efficient, causing [...]

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JX Leasing, your new partner for Vocational Truck Rentals

Starting in early 2019, JX Leasing will be offering a variety of vocational options for your truck rental needs.  These new trucks will be available for both short and long term rentals in order to meet our customers needs for the upcoming construction season and beyond. We will now be offering the following vocational options: [...]

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JX Truck Rental Moves Toward an all Automatic Transmission Rental Fleet

In December of 2017, JX Truck Rental, made the decision to move toward an automatic transmission only rental fleet on all of its Class 8 trucks.  The decision to move to this type of fleet was based on the following three factors: Fuel Savings - While fuel economy is largely dependent on the truck spec [...]

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