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Introducing the Peterbilt 536 for Rent at JX Truck Center

After five years of researching, engineering, and testing Peterbilt released the Model 536 specifically for the Class 6 non-CDL full service lease, daily rentals, and pickup & delivery customers.

Let’s start with comfortability. Firstly they not only widened the cab to 2.1 meters they designed the interior to comfortably fit three people with a generous amount of legroom. There is a significant amount of storage space underneath the seat which helps keep the truck neat and orderly. Along with increasing the width of the cab Peterbilt lowered it by three inches for easier ingress and egress. The stair-styled steps were created to be non-slip even in ice, snow, rain, and mud.  Comfortability is more than just the way the cab was designed, it also comes from the TX-8 which is Peterbilt’s new 8-speed automatic transmission. It is better for a fuel-efficient and smooth ride due to the truck deciding in what gear to start accelerating. The software decides what gear to start based on the cargo weight and terrain, to many, it feels as smooth as driving a car.

Another way this truck is as smooth as a car is improved maneuverability, featuring a 55-degree wheel cut. Making it easier to navigate urban areas and yards creating a comfortable and safer driving experience. Some of the other features that help with safety while driving is the steep-sloped hood giving the driver an extra two feet of visibility and a windshield-mounted camera. Along with the camera, there is an integrated collision mitigation system to aid braking and maneuvering through curves and slopes in the terrain. This model has side sensors and look-down mirrors to help lessen the blind spots for safer driving and parking.

This truck is a leader in the new era of the medium duty class. The Peterbilt 536 is available for rent or demo and if you are interested contact your local JX Rental Representative for more information!

Author: Becky Johnson, Rental Representative

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