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Value of a Full-Service Lease

Knowing when to lease or when to own can be key to the success of a business.

Our full-service leasing options can eliminate the burdens associated with truck ownership, including maintenance, shop labor, fuel tax reporting, and vehicle disposal.

The value fleets receive from a JX Full-Service Lease is stronger than ever. Let’s look at some history.

Year Equipment Type & Description Cost:

1992    Tandem Axle Day Cab – “Non-Peterbilt Fleet Spec” $60,500

2021    Peterbilt Day Cab – “Fleet Spec” $127,000

Truck Cost Increase over these 29 years is: $66,500 / 210% /  Double+ 

Full-Service Lease Annual Expense for each Example Annual Cost – All costs in! :

1992    Tandem Axle Day Cab – Fleet Spec. $26,604

2021    Peterbilt Day Cab with a – Fleet Spec. $31,860

Full Service Lease Rate Increase (Same Vehicles): $5,256 / 19% / PEANUTS!

But wait, there’s more!

  • EPA Requirements have significantly increased the complexity of Diesel Engines
  • Current engine complexities have significantly increased maintenance costs
  • The TAX burden embedded in the cost of a truck has increased 
  • FMCSA Safety Enhancements require more administration
  • Highly qualified drivers are in demand
  • Freight Revenue has not increased at the same pace of operating costs

JX Leasing provides GREAT Value to our customers and helps alleviate those concerns. How valuable is a JX Lease? Take a look below: 

  1. JX Leasing can help you attract and keep drivers with desirable equipment
  2. JX Leasing can help your operation control expenses
  3. JX Leasing can help your fleet stay compliant
  4. JX Leasing can help you stay ahead of inflation
  5. JX Leasing can support your fleet from any of 27 locations in WI, IL, IN, & MI
  6. JX Leasing is part of the PacLease System and can support fleets across North America

Please call your local JX Truck Center and ask for the JX Leasing Professional to learn how JX can help you and your business.

Author: Kevin Gebner, Director of Lease Sales