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“We prefer the look of the Peterbilt and its reputation for quality. Advanced Waste is an organization that strives daily to be “Elite” in everything we do. Leaving the plant in a Peterbilt is the right way to start our day.”
– VP of Maintenance Operations

“Peterbilt Illinois assisted us in building customized, fuel efficient, lightweight trucks that save our company money. Not only do we save in the cost of fuel, but the lightweight specs alone have reduced our permit costs, allowing us to maintain a profitable fleet.”
– Fleet Manager

“The Chicago Pella Windows & Doors, Inc. team was excited when our logistics company, Nu-Way, offered Peterbilts for our fleet. Our trucks are like moving billboards and Peterbilt enhances our reputation for professionally and reliably delivering quality windows and doors.”
– Traffic Manager

“Other leasing companies were reluctant to invest in our operation due to our specialized equipment. JX PacLease built our trucks from the ground up to meet our exact specifications, resulting in equipment that surpassed our expectations and a truck that was truly designed with a driver in mind.”
– General Quarry Supervisor

“Thanks to the professional image of a Peterbilt, Walters Buildings delivers a better building experience to our customers.”
– VP of Operations


“We like the visibility when driving and how well it handles on the road. We decided to buy Peterbilt because the cab is designed not to rust. A better built cab saves us money.”
– Owner

“We have 100% Peterbilts because our drivers wouldn’t drive anything else. Nor, would we own anything other than a Peterbilt.”
– Owner

“We only run the highest quality equipment on our farm and the Model 389 fits that description. The classic Peterbilt styling really attracts attention on the road. It’s a pleasure driving Peterbilts, and the JX Peterbilt sales staff is second to none.”
– Owner

“There are three things I look for when purchasing equipment: quality products, dealer support services and competitive pricing. With JX Peterbilt, I found a perfect mix of these qualities.”
– Product Specialist

“We purchased our Peterbilt Model 384 with flat top sleeper because of it’s superior styling and versatility. Our integrated sleeper is great for our occasional long-haul trips, but it’s small enough to suit our daily short-haul operations.”
– President

“Being in agriculture, our trucks run from dawn to well after dusk during the spring and fall. It’s long hours and mostly off road, but our drivers love the quiet operation and the high level of comfort.”
– Manager

“JX Peterbilt – Wadsworth, IL, assisted us in building customized, fuel efficient, lightweight trucks that save our company money. Not only do we save in the cost of fuel, but the lightweight specs alone have reduced our permit costs, allowing us to maintain a profitable fleet.”  
– Fleet Manager


“Price and reputation for durability aided in our decision to buy Peterbilt.”
– President

“After having dealt with quality concerns with other equipment dealers, we turned to Peterbilt. The style, ride and dependability of our Peterbilt Model 335 allows us to operate without concern.”
– Fleet Manager

“We’re a first class company and wanted first class equipment. Our drivers enjoy the tight turning radius and smooth, comfortable Peterbilt air ride.”
– Owner

“The ride is amazingly smooth. By specing Peterbilt’s air-ride suspension over other brands, I have been able to eliminate cargo shifting; saving time and work for my drivers.”
– President

“In the past, we purchased vehicles that may have been on a lot. With the help of our salesman, we were able to spec this vehicle to exceed our expectations. The truck handles great, power is awesome and the truck is the envy of our competitors.”
– Operations Manager

“We specialize in premium beverages and we know exceptional quality when we see it. The proof is in the performance and our drivers appreciate the power and solid feel the Model 337 delivers.”
– Service Manager


“I enjoy my Peterbilt Model 386. Not only does it provide a significant increase in fuel efficiency, but it provides the comfort and space we need to operate across 48 states.”
– Owner

“As a propane provider for home heating in more than 20 counties, we need our delivery trucks to get in and out of some tight spaces and through a lot of rural areas. Our Model 320 has the short wheelbase and tight turning radius that helps us achieve our demanding delivery schedules.”
– President


“Our cattle business takes us throughout the U.S. and into Canada. We chose the Model 337 because of its quality and dependability, and we chose JX Peterbilt because we knew we could get the truck serviced correctly whenever we were home.”
– Owner

“The new forward lighting really gives us a better view of the road and the GPS System is an added plus. I priced several different brands and found Peterbilt was the best value for the price.”
– Owner


“We have owned Peterbilts since 1969. Our first Pete was a Model 359-Cummins, pictured above. The ride and style has changed over the years, but the quality remains tried and true, and Peterbilt Illinois – Rockford is number one in the business.”
– President

“Peterbilt Wisconsin & Illinois brought together the ability to purchase quality equipment and the professional, timely service required to assist in maintaining our fleet. We have found that our new Peterbilt Model 386 provides us with a great residual value, reduced maintenance costs and increased driver acceptance.”
– President & CEO



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