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When it comes to leasing equipment, every business requires specs to fit their specific needs. For example, people have different needs when they shop for shoes. We purchase running shoes that are specifically designed and engineered for running. Now, we can choose to run in our dress shoes but it would be less efficient, causing discomfort and dissatisfaction. Shoes similar to trucks are designed for different applications. And when it comes to leasing a commercial vehicle the custom spec is crucial.

Customers deserve a superior leasing experience that allows tailoring truck specs to business needs with your business in mind. PacLease offers customers a menu loaded with options to custom spec their vehicle versus leasing an “off-the-shelf” product. It is essential that we understand our customer’s operation so we can apply the right truck specs.

Having the option to custom spec a Peterbilt lease truck creates a vehicle that operates properly in the work environment. This will allow for increased efficiency, best fuel economy, reduced downtime, lower operation costs and increased driver satisfaction. PacLease provides custom configured trucks tailored to your specific business needs. JX Truck Center’s affiliation with Peterbilt Motor Company allows PacLease to work with customers to create a custom solution with the highest quality truck available.

Many applications demand a specific height, length, payload capacity, horsepower, weight or other requirements. PacLease recognizes that standard approaches are rarely effective, so we work with customers to configure a truck specific for your operation to maximize efficiency and save you money.

JX Truck Center offers custom lease options for Peterbilt trucks spec’d correctly for each operation versus a one size fits all truck. If you have any questions or are interested in leasing a Peterbilt truck, contact your local lease sales executive!

Author: Dave Benicek, Lease Sales Executive