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How to Improve Driver Retention

One of the major industry problems continues to be driver retention. What are some things that companies can do to improve their driver retention? Let’s dig in!

Driver retention is one of the top concerns with companies that utilize their own fleet and it is showing no signs of going away any time soon. When it comes to recruiting and retaining drivers, most carriers simply “don’t know what they don’t know” and devise retention plans based on management instincts or on what the competition is doing. 


A truck is a driver’s home, workplace and contains tools to do their job all at once. It pays off to invest in the right equipment. It can also set a company apart from the competition. Top of the line and properly spec’d trucks (such as Peterbilt) increase driver retention while increasing job satisfaction. 

As the trucking industry faces a rising turnover rate, there has never been a better time for fleet managers to show their truck drivers that they care. Truck drivers may not be around long if they are not happy with the vehicles they operate. Poor equipment and maintenance schedules are not going to help improve the retention rate in your fleet. 

Routine Maintenance Schedule

Start by implementing a fleet preventative maintenance plan. Scheduling regular vehicle inspections should be part of the regular fleet maintenance plan. A full service lease program with JX takes care of all that for your drivers and your company. With routine preventative maintenance, regular vehicle service and repairs minimizes vehicle downtime and will increase driver satisfaction. 

Correct Truck Specs

At JX Leasing (PacLease), we design every vehicle specifically for the customer’s need and operation, This ensures it is the right truck in the application versus a cookie cutter, one size fits all approach to equipment. This will mean a better operating, more efficient vehicle with lower cost of ownership, less downtime all working towards better driver satisfaction and retention.

With the proper equipment, routine preventative maintenance and correct truck specs companies can see a vast improvement with driver retention. A lease with JX Leasing can be the beginning of a driver retention solution for your fleet. Give our Lease Executives a call or visit your local JX if you would like more information on the best solution for your fleet today!

Author: David Benicek, Lease Sales Executive

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