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In December of 2017, JX Truck Rental, made the decision to move toward an automatic transmission only rental fleet on all of its Class 8 trucks.  The decision to move to this type of fleet was based on the following three factors:

Fuel Savings – While fuel economy is largely dependent on the truck spec and application, the inclusion of an automatic transmission can lessen the amount of variables your driver has by taking a good amount of control out of there hands.

Reduced Maintenance Costs – With the addition of a torque convertor, you now have a smooth flow of power moving through the drive shaft, eliminating spikes, and resulting in longer lifetimes for drivelines and other components.

User Friendliness – Not only do automatic transmissions help with driver recruitment and retention they also help elevate driver performance.  Younger drivers can now perform like seasoned veterans.

JX Truck Rental is not the only fleet moving forward with this frame of mind.  According to the NPTC, over 70% of 2018 Class 8 orders are being equipped with automatic transmissions, this is up 40% from 2014.

Now as we approach the end of 2018, JX Truck Rental will again be increasing the number of Class 8 trucks equipped with automatic transmissions. These Peterbilt 579 day cabs and sleepers will be ready to hit the road starting in early 2019 to help you supplement your transportation needs.

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Originally published 8/28/2018. Updated 12/15/2020.