The Ottawa T2 – Maximizing Operator Safety & Comfort

The Ottawa T2 Terminal Tractor - Maximizing Operator Safety & Comfort …Because a terminal tractor operator spends an entire shift in and around their terminal tractor, safety and comfort are of utmost importance. When the Ottawa T2 terminal tractor was designed, a human-centered approach was used incorporating feedback from real-life operators - this resulted [...]

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The Ottawa T2 – Quality is Built-in

The Ottawa T2 - Quality is Built-in Product Quality is a key feature of all Kalmar Ottawa products and is built-into the product from the start of design, through procurement, assembly, and delivery.   The earlier in the process a quality issue is found, the less costly it is to address, and the more satisfied [...]

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We always have new Ottawa Terminal Tractors In Stock

We always have new Ottawa Terminal Tractors In Stock At JX Truck Center, we take pride in having fresh inventory readily available to meet our customers’ needs.  Whether you are in the market for a new spotter to expand your operations or needing to replace an existing spotter - we have a unit for [...]

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Introducing the Kalmar Ottawa T2E Electric Terminal Tractor!

Introducing the Kalmar Ottawa T2E Electric Terminal Tractor! JX Truck Center and Kalmar Ottawa are proud to introduce the Ottawa T2E Electric Terminal Tractor! As the trucking industry starts embracing electric vehicles, we want to bring attention to the T2E Electric Terminal Tractor that will help you meet any future legislative requirements.   Electric terminal [...]

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Ottawa Terminal Tractors – A History of Innovation and Quality

JX Truck Center has proudly represented Kalmar Ottawa Terminal Tractors for over 30 years. Ottawa shares the same traits of premium quality and reliability of our other product lines - Peterbilt, Volvo, Hino. Ottawa has a rich history based on innovation and workmanship that sets them apart from the competition. The Ottawa terminal tractor is [...]

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Yard Spotters – Own, Lease, or Rent?

JX has been an Ottawa dealer for 30 years and we are proud to represent the highest quality, longest lasting, terminal tractor available. We pride ourselves on top-notch service, parts, and applications. Ottawa’s are Made in America and readily available from our stock.   An enduring truth with any piece of equipment is that it will [...]

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The Truck That Invented an Industry

Kalmar Ottawa first became a legal entity in 1943 as Ottawa Steel Products, Inc. making attachments for farm equipment in Ottawa, KS. Since these early days of Ottawa Steel Products, the company has gone through many different products and name changes, but is known for its current product, the terminal tractor and the name Ottawa [...]

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Positioned for Growth: JX and Kalmar Ottawa

JX has proudly represented the Ottawa Terminal Tractor product for over 30 years - these products fulfill an important and complementary niche in many of our customer’s operations when it comes to shuffling trailers around a distribution facility. Terminal Tractors are vehicles purposely designed to efficiently and quickly switch trailers around in a distribution yard [...]

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