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JX has proudly represented the Ottawa Terminal Tractor product for over 30 years – these products fulfill an important and complementary niche in many of our customer’s operations when it comes to shuffling trailers around a distribution facility. Terminal Tractors are vehicles purposely designed to efficiently and quickly switch trailers around in a distribution yard or terminal, port, or rail yard.

Terminal Tractors are also known as Yard Spotters, Yard Goats, Yard Dogs, Shunters, and Mules. They often have a hard life due to constant use and abrupt starts and stops and that requires thoughtful design and build quality, optimized configurations for each application, and readily available service expertise.

Product Evolution:

As EPA emissions evolve, so does the product. Cummins engines and aftertreatment are a well proven platform – both on-road and off-road versions are offered. The new Ottawa “T2” offers the latest emissions compliance as well as increased operator comfort, reliability, and ease of troubleshooting and serviceability.

Factory Trained Sales Team:

Not all customer applications are equal. Ottawa and JX have worked together to create a factory-trained sales team ready to assess each case and select just the right product and configuration for each use case. Satisfied customers return to use time and time again.

Stock, Lease, Rental:

As online shopping grows among consumers, so does shipping and distribution — needs can change quickly and JX is ready to meet demand by investing in Ottawa stock units and offering lease and rental options.

Electric Revolution:

We are “leading the charge” in electric spotter technology. Our new highly efficient, zero emission Kalmar Ottawa T2E Terminal Tractor, will help future-proof fleets and deliver consistent, predictive contributions our customer’s operations. With reduced noise, fluids, maintenance effort and emissions – customers will benefit from cleaner air, a better operating environment, lower costs, increased productivity and an enhanced reputation for environmental protection and sustainability.

Call your local JX Sales Executive if you are in the market or would like to test drive a Kalmar Ottawa terminal tractor.

AUTHOR: Darren Simon, Vocational Account Manager