Solving the Service Technician Crunch One Student at a Time

It is an industry-wide issue and has been for decades – the shortage of well-trained, qualified truck service technicians. Few interactions between customer and dealership can sour that relationship more than a negative service experience. Extended downtime and return trips to the shop for the same problem result in customer frustration and a direct hit [...]

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When It Comes To Truckers, Everyday Is A Day To Say Thanks

It’s almost unfair to set aside one week to honor the more than 3.5 million men and women who make the American way of life possible. According to the American Trucking Association (ATA), trucks carry nearly 75 percent of the nation’s goods by tonnage, accounting for nearly every commodity used in our lives.  This annual [...]

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Tired of Waiting on a New Truck? Now Is the Time to Buy Pre-Owned!

While a shortage of drivers isn't rare to the industry, supply chain challenges limiting production of new trucks is much less common. Truck manufacturers have been stymied to meet demand as component shortages and, especially, the global computer chip shortage suppress build rates. As a result, customers are experiencing long wait times to take delivery on new vehicles. [...]

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Now available at JX Truck Center: Peterbilt 536 and 537 Models with the NEW Cummins Natural Gas Engine

Now available at JX Truck Center: Peterbilt 536 and 537 Models with the NEW Cummins Natural Gas Engine Peterbilt has announced the availability of the Cummins B6.7N natural gas engine in the new Peterbilt 536 and Peterbilt 537 medium-duty non-CDL trucks. Since our world is going toward new and near-zero emissions, this will lower NOx [...]

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Why Was My Credit Declined!??

Why Was My Credit Declined!?? When you check your credit score and notice a small drop, it’s usually nothing to worry about. It’s common for credit scores to fluctuate in small increments.  However, if you see a large drop of at least 15 to 20 points or more, you should find out the cause. [...]

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Electronic Stability Control: Now Available on Kalmar Ottawa T2 DOT/EPA

Electronic Stability Control: Now Available on Kalmar Ottawa T2 DOT/EPA! To comply with the standards set by the Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Association for trucks that operate in approved applications, Kalmar Ottawa T2 DOT/EPA Terminal Tractors can be equipped with an optional Electronic Stability Control system. For select configurations, [...]

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Strong Dealer Network

Strong Dealer Network The entire transportation industry has faced challenges this past year as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic. Peterbilt has proudly closed out 2021 with a stronger dealer network. In the nation, Peterbilt added an additional 15 stores in 2021 bringing the total to over 410 locations in the nation. Here [...]

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Start off Right in the Coldest Months of the Year

Start off Right in the Coldest Months of the Year JX Truck Center is proud to carry the Alltrux line of batteries to help you and your truck start each day on the right foot during the coldest months of the year.  With three different offerings - 700CCA (cold cranking amps), 1000CCA and AGM (absorbed [...]

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What is CARB and How will it affect my fleet?

What is CARB and How will it affect my fleet? Navigating CARB in 2022 CARB as we all know it today stands for California Air Resources Board is making changes as we head into 2022. CARB is now requiring minimum emissions warranty coverage for all on-road heavy and medium-duty diesel vehicles DOT registered in the [...]

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Is it the Right Time to Buy Equipment?

Is it the Right Time to Buy Equipment? The answer is, YES! With more and more states opening back up for business or even starting a business, now is the perfect time to start expanding your business. Low Rates Make Financing Affordable _________________________________________________________________________ With people eager to get back to full production this is [...]

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