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It is an industry-wide issue and has been for decades – the shortage of well-trained, qualified truck service technicians. Few interactions between customer and dealership can sour that relationship more than a negative service experience. Extended downtime and return trips to the shop for the same problem result in customer frustration and a direct hit to the bottom line.

Just as fleets make great efforts to recruit top drivers, dealerships invest significant money and resources to help train and hire the next generation of cream-of-the-crop techs.

JX Truck Centers know how vital a positive service experience is to customer satisfaction. Exceeding expectations in the shop is always a priority and by hiring top talent we take care of our customers. In return, those customers are going to come back and they are also going to tell their peers. That not only increases our business and further strengthens our reputation, but it also bonds us with our customers.

Quality service work and fix-it-right-the-first-time principles are essential to creating an overall superior customer experience. We go to great lengths to nurture and attract future service technicians, as well as make sure the nearly 300 service technicians already hard at work in our shops receive ongoing training in the latest technologies and best practices.

Partnering With Top Tech Schools

Our recruiting team has forged strong relationships with leading technical schools throughout the nation. We regularly partner with schools such as the University of Northwestern Ohio (UNOH), WyoTech, Universal Technical Institute (UTI), Lincoln Tech, and over 25 other vocational institutions.

These relationships create many opportunities and activities, such as serving as guest speakers, participating in job fairs, and even helping these colleges attract new students by bolstering their recruitment efforts at the high school and junior high levels. We donate major components for hands-on instruction, such as the recent Cummins engine gifted to Lincoln Land Community College. We even bring trucks to schools to let students inspect firsthand the complexity and sophistication of the latest equipment they will be working with upon graduation.

We participate on the advisory boards of these schools, providing guidance on what students should be taught and trained for to help them excel in their careers. We help steer the curriculum to prepare for the new technologies and features coming down the pipeline. 

Soft skills are just as important to future techs’ success. JX recruiters visit classrooms to help students prepare for landing a service technician position – how to build a resume, phone, and in-person interview skills and how to choose the right dealership that meets their needs and furthers their career objectives.

For most dealerships and service shops, providing competitive pay and benefits, free tool programs, sign-on bonuses, and relocation packages are the norm and not the exception. JX helps set itself apart by making an impact as early as possible. We are there preparing them for future success before they even apply for their first job.

Helping the Industry

We know not every student we help will join the service teams throughout our 28-location network, the largest in the Midwest. We want them to be successful, whether it is with a JX Truck Center or another company. Making sure students enter the workforce with the best possible training and skills helps the industry as a whole and ensures our customers receive the best care.

This dedication to providing customers with superior service experiences does not end after we hire a tech. Our culture – both in the shop and throughout all of our operations – focuses on continuous improvement. Whether our service technicians are recent graduates or veterans of the profession, extensive training is ongoing throughout their careers.

For new hires, we have an eight-month tech development plan that includes technical training and customer service skills. And for all technicians, there is an array of comprehensive training provided, both online and in the classroom, many led by our own JX training team, which ensures they are knowledgeable and certified.

Every year, something in our products changes. We require our service team to be trained on the latest truck and component updates. 

It is inherent to our customer service philosophy: employing the best techs armed with the latest training, skills, tools, and best practices. It helps ensure when a customer visits a JX Truck Center, they leave with peace of mind knowing the work was done right, and they received the best possible care and consideration in the industry.

Author: Nick Stafford, Talent Acquisition Lead, JX Enterprises