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What is CARB and How will it affect my fleet?

Navigating CARB in 2022

CARB as we all know it today stands for California Air Resources Board is making changes as we head into 2022. CARB is now requiring minimum emissions warranty coverage for all on-road heavy and medium-duty diesel vehicles DOT registered in the state of California.  When a truck is built as a CARB-certified truck it will come with a California Clean Idle Sticker as well as a 5yr/350K >10L engine 5yr/150K <10L engine emission warranty. It should be noted that the states of WI, IN, MI, and IL at the time of publishing this article were not opt-in states for CARB. In order to navigate through the new legislation, JX and Peterbilt have put together some FAQs to help. As always for full details on how this affects your state please check your state’s legislation for specifics.

1.Which vehicles are impacted by this new legislation?

  • Vehicles are impacted that meet all 4 conditions below:
  • All diesel trucks and tractors • GVWR >14,000 pounds
  • Vehicle Build Start in the calendar year 2022
  • Vehicles registered in the United States

2. Who is required to have CARB warranty?

CARB certification is required for all vehicles that meet the conditions of question 1 AND will DOT register their vehicle in California or a CARB opt-in state. Additionally, any customers wanting a California clean idle sticker must specify CARB certification.

3. Which states REQUIRE CARB warranty?

The current assessment at the time of publishing this article is that only trucks DOT registered in California require CARB warranty. Customers are responsible for understanding their own state requirements and complying accordingly and should continue to monitor for local changes.

4. How do I know if my vehicle has CARB warranty?

For trucks with MY22 engines and beyond, there are 2 ways to identify if your truck has CARB warranty. The 1st is that the sales order will have an option code indicating a CARB compliance and the warranty will reflect the time frames above. The 2nd method of identification is if your truck has a California Clean Idle label.

5. Can I operate a vehicle without CARB warranty in a CARB State?

Yes, all vehicles can operate in CARB States, however, MY22 and beyond vehicles must have CARB warranty to receive a California Clean Idle label. Customers are encouraged to review idling restrictions in their area of operation to evaluate if they would need the Clean Idle label. is one source that compiles idling restrictions, however, it is encouraged that customers check intended areas of operation as well.

6. Can I get a California clean idle label if I do not purchase the CARB warranty?

No, California Clean Idle label is only available for vehicles with CARB warranty. Customers are encouraged to review idling restrictions in their area of operation to evaluate if they need the Clean Idle label.

7. Can I purchase CARB warranty if I will register my vehicle in a non-CARB state?

Yes, customers who will register their vehicles in non-CARB states can purchase CARB warranty. A customer may want to do this for the additional warranty coverage or the California Clean Idle label.

8. What is the difference between a vehicle with and without the California Clean Idle Label?

Engines have identical hardware and software. The only difference is the emissions warranty.

9. Can I add CARB warranty after the final warranty registration?

No. Once final warranty registration is complete, CARB warranty can no longer be added.

If you have any questions or would like more information, contact your local JX Truck Center sales executive today!

Author: Dan Tinder, Fleet Account Manager