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Start off Right in the Coldest Months of the Year

JX Truck Center is proud to carry the Alltrux line of batteries to help you and your truck start each day on the right foot during the coldest months of the year. 

With three different offerings – 700CCA (cold cranking amps), 1000CCA and AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries we’re sure to have an offering to meet your needs. 

700CCA – higher CCAs are not always better – this 700CCA offers the highest medium-duty cycle life in the industry at 520 cycles, this group 31 battery is the ideal choice to power extreme cycling applications from sleepers and daycabs to lift gates and reefers. 

1000 CCA – this starting battery features 1000CCAs of power to help offer consistent reliability. 

AGM – this absorbed glass mat battery is perfect for higher electrical demands and start-stop allocations. These batteries are extremely resistant to vibration, completely sealed, non-spillable and are maintenance-free. 

alltrux battery part numbers chart

Stop by a JX Truck Center near you and let our Parts Professionals help you select the right Alltrux line battery for your application, helping you get the most power for your spend.

Author: Chelsea Hoffman, Assistant Parts Director