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JX has been an Ottawa dealer for 30 years and we are proud to represent the highest quality, longest lasting, terminal tractor available. We pride ourselves on top-notch service, parts, and applications. Ottawa’s are Made in America and readily available from our stock.  

An enduring truth with any piece of equipment is that it will require parts and service at some point in it’s life. Many yard spotters are worked around-the-clock, left out in the elements, and subjected to heavy loads – after a decade or more of use, customers are faced with a decision about how to manage the yard spotters needed to run their facility.

With the rising costs of horsepower and emissions, many customers are looking at new ways to procure yard-spotting equipment. JX has recently launched an enhanced mobile service initiative in select areas in order to provide a hassle-free on-site support and enable additional procurement options to match your business’s needs.


Buying a New Ottawa:  

While this is the largest capital cost of the 3 options, a customer can be assured of the latest and greatest design and manufacturing quality. We suggest that a plan is made at the time of purchase to determine how long a new spotter is kept. While Ottawa has the highest residual of any terminal tractor — as with any piece of equipment, residual value decreases exponentially after a certain point and hours/miles of use.  

Other considerations are that you will benefit from the entire factory warranty on the product and its components and you will need to track the preventative maintenance schedule. Emissions compliances on a purchased spotter don’t change and can’t be upgraded, so older engines emit more greenhouse gases than newer ones.


Leasing an Ottawa:

As capital cost of equipment increase, leasing is becoming more common. Leases insure that you always have a newer unit with the highest reliability, creature comforts, and latest tech — including greener emissions. Leasing also takes the thought out of maintenance and unit replacement schedules. Our mobile service team will service the unit on-site in most cases so that uptime is maximized. No need to stock parts, tools, filters, etc — we’ll take care of all of that when you choose a full-service lease.

Leasing also provides a source of dealer-maintained equipment (with OEM parts) for those customers seeking used spotters. Ask us about spotters that have recently come off-lease to pick up a great value!


Renting an Ottawa:

In today’s soaring economy, you may need to bring in extra spotting equipment to satisfy demands in your operation for short-term or seasonality. The rental option is ideal for this and can also be a great way to “try-before-you-buy”. Renting is a great option to ensure your yard operations continue to run through unexpected breakdowns or peaks in demand. Our mobile service professionals can help insure maximum uptime without the delay of towing a unit in for service.

If you are interested in buying, leasing or renting a Kalmar Ottawa yard spotter, call or visit your local JX and talk to our sales professionals!


Author: Darren Simon, Corporate Vocational Sales Manager

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