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The Ottawa T2 – Quality is Built-in

Product Quality is a key feature of all Kalmar Ottawa products and is built-into the product from the start of design, through procurement, assembly, and delivery.  

The earlier in the process a quality issue is found, the less costly it is to address, and the more satisfied our customers are.

All Ottawa T2’s feature built-in quality such as:

  • Paint before assembly
  • Composite, Aluminum, or Stainless Steel used in areas prone to corrosion
  • Weather-tight electrical connectors

Ottawa has a team of dedicated “product lifetime quality” engineers who are 100% focused on quality improvements by working directly with suppliers and the factory to inspect at the component level, as well as the prior to final shipment. 

Once the Ottawa T2 arrives at JX, an additional Pre-Delivery Inspection “PDI” process is performed to ensure that the product the customer receives is correct and ready to go right to work.

The Ottawa factory uses inspection feedback and regularly implements product improvements as a result.  

Some recent examples of improvements made are:

  • Improved sealing in HVAC water valves
  • Split heat-shield on exhaust for ease of servicing
  • Bearing retention rings added to all lift cylinders
  • MV3 dash brake valves are now standard
  • Improved def-tank mounting for ease of service
  • Constant-torque claims on all coolant hoses

JX Truck Center has proudly represented Kalmar Ottawa Terminal Tractors for over 30 years.  If you are interested in a quote, demo, or would like more information, visit your local JX or give us a call today

Author: Darren Simon, Corporate Vocational Sales Manager

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