Customer-First Service Approach

Customer-First Service Approach Customer service is not a single element, but the combination of a multitude of smaller pieces in the right quantities merged to create the ultimate customer experience. Fundamentally, the basis of any memorable customer experience is exceptional communication throughout the event and beyond. The ability and willingness to consistently transfer accurate [...]

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Understanding What Your Dashboard Warning Lights Mean

Understanding What Your Dashboard Warning Lights Mean Have you ever had a warning light in your dash come on while driving and thought to yourself, I wonder what that light means?  Today’s vehicles utilize complex networks for communication between systems. These networks include dozens of modules that are constantly sending information back and forth across [...]

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Commercial Truck Mobile Service Benefits

Commercial Truck Mobile Service Benefits The work doesn’t stop just because your truck is in the shop. A broken truck costs you money on two fronts; the cost of the repairs, and the cost of the lost productivity. JX Truck Center can help you avoid this lost productivity with our mobile service teams. There [...]

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12 Truck Maintenance Preparations for Warmer Weather

12 Truck Maintenance Preparations for Warmer Weather The sun is shining, days are getting longer, and the air is starting to feel warmer. Spring must be around the corner. Preparing your truck for the warmer seasons is just as important as preparing your truck for cold weather. Here are 12 truck maintenance preparations that [...]

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DIY Software Update with Paccar OTA

Does your truck need a software update but you do not have the time to stop by your local JX Truck Center? Well, we have GREAT news for you! If you have a 2017 or newer truck with a Paccar engine and an active SmartLinq Remote Diagnostics subscription, you can now perform a software update [...]

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Treating Diesel Engine Fuel in Cold Weather

Truck drivers face many obstacles and challenges when it comes to driving in extreme cold weather. Beside the ice, snow, batteries, and other drivers on the road...truck drivers also have to worry about their fuel system and treating diesel engine fuel. Nowadays, modern diesel engines do not return as much fuel to the tank as [...]

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A/C Acting Up? Here is What You Need to Check Before Taking it In

It’s hot, hot, hot! And if your truck air conditioner doesn't seem to be keeping you cool enough, there are a few easy things you can check yourself before bringing it into the shop.    If you have poor airflow out your dash vents, check the fresh air cabin filter, it may be plugged. [...]

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Keep Your Cool This Summer!

Tips on how to keep your truck cool during downtime Keeping you or your driver’s cool in the Summer heat is an absolute necessity. Well rested, alert drivers are more productive and safer on the road. While on the road, the truck A/C is keeping the cab cool. What about cooling the cab and sleeper [...]

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Spring Season Emissions Maintenance

The sun is shining, the temperatures are rising, and it’s time to remind everyone about the importance of emissions system maintenance and cleaning. After winter idling to stay warm, condensation occurs inside the air system of an engine. Investing less than a couple hours to remove and clean out the air handling sensors will keep [...]

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Is Your Truck Ready to Handle the Heat?

After a long, harsh winter, the days are finally getting longer, the sun is shining, and temperatures are rising. Is your truck ready to handle the heat? Here are some quick maintenance items to cross off your list as you transition into summer. Cooling System Separate your A/C condenser and air-to-air core from the radiator. Take [...]

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