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Customer-First Service Approach

Customer service is not a single element, but the combination of a multitude of smaller pieces in the right quantities merged to create the ultimate customer experience.

Fundamentally, the basis of any memorable customer experience is exceptional communication throughout the event and beyond. The ability and willingness to consistently transfer accurate information to a customer in a personalized fashion is the key to building trust and ultimately delivering an unforgettable experience. What types of scenarios have you seen and what does quality customer service look like to you?

In today’s world of constantly evolving technology, there are more avenues of communication than ever before. This should, at first glance, suggest that at this point in time we would be at the pinnacle of interpersonal communication. I would argue that the overwhelming amount of channels available to us has led to the very opposite effect. We as a culture have become further disconnected from the core methods of communication and connection that are the foundation of long-lasting relationships. This effect can be seen in personal and professional relationships alike.

The very tools that were designed to enable us to interact at a higher level have in fact reduced the number of personal interactions that we have, whether that is a phone conversation or talking in person. An email or text message can’t replace the smile that someone gives you when you walk up to them at the counter or the inflection in their voice on the phone that lets you know that they care.  These are the types of things that create an impression that won’t soon be forgotten.

Contrary to what the advances in modern communication suggest, at JX Truck Center we have identified a continued need for that personal interaction and a renewed focus on customer service. These are things that seem to have been lost or forgotten along the way in almost any customer service industry today, but continue to be paramount to an exceptional customer experience.

Building on this belief, we have developed a new training initiative to support the development of our communication and customer-first service approach. Let the service team at your local JX Truck Center showcase their customer service savvy and provide you with an experience that you’ll want to share. 

Author: Nick Laidlaw, Manager of Customer Uptime

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