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The voice of our customer is a driving force! At JX Truck Center, we have collected feedback from our customers about challenges facing their businesses in relation to terminal tractors. In response to this feedback – JX has launched a mobile service option. This option is offered at select locations which can make maintenance easier to arrange and keep you up-and-running faster than ever before.

Kalmar Ottawa’s “Driving Force” program allows drivers the opportunity to give direct feedback to the manufacturer in Ottawa, KS on what you feel could be improved and what is working well. This program is completely free to join.

Once you join the Kalmar Ottawa Driving Force program you will have direct access to recent news, current events and press releases from Kalmar Ottawa. You will become part of a larger community that is specifically designed for drivers who drive terminal tractors. It doesn’t matter if you drive a terminal tractor, yard spotter, jockey, or a hustler, you will provide an opportunity to take advantage of the benefits. JX’s mobile service option and the Kalmar Ottawa “Driving Force” program were both implemented by listening to customer feedback.

JX Truck Center has proudly represented Kalmar Ottawa Terminal Tractors for over 30 years. Contact us TODAY to arrange for a demonstration and use the demo Ottawa in multiple shifts so that you can obtain feedback from multiple operators over the course of your normal business.

Author: Darren Simon, Corporate Vocational Sales Manager

A History of Ottawa Tractor Innovation
A History of Ottawa Tractor Innovation
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