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It’s hot, hot, hot! And if your truck air conditioner doesn’t seem to be keeping you cool enough, there are a few easy things you can check yourself before bringing it into the shop. 


  • If you have poor airflow out your dash vents, check the fresh air cabin filter, it may be plugged.
  • If your A/C works driving on the freeway but isn’t very good at low speed, check the condition of your condenser and radiator, it may be packed with dirt and bugs.
  • Another way to check your condenser is to spray water on it, if the air cools down, you have a restriction in your condenser.
  • Run your A/C and feel the hoses, is the low side hose (the larger of the hoses) cool/cold to the touch at the A/C pump? Is the high pressure hose (the smaller one at the pump) warm/hot to the touch, if not you are either low on freon or need to have the A/C serviced by a professional. 


If you need help staying cool, JX can help. Call or visit your local JX to schedule a service appointment. 


Author: Keith Shadof, Corporate Service Manager