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Tips on how to keep your truck cool during downtime

Keeping you or your driver’s cool in the Summer heat is an absolute necessity. Well rested, alert drivers are more productive and safer on the road. While on the road, the truck A/C is keeping the cab cool. What about cooling the cab and sleeper during downtime? Let’s look at some options.

Cooling systems like the Peterbilt SmartAir no-idle system are the most energy efficient and eliminate any exhaust discharge during use. Powered by four AGM batteries, this system will keep you cool for up to 10 hours if your cab is already cool when you stop. Factory installation will also make this one of the most economical choices and have little effect on aesthetics.

Trucks running with driver teams where the rig will have minimal or shorter down periods would also benefit from a Smart Air system.

Another option is a diesel powered APU. Aside from generally being more expensive, the unit is still burning fuel, emitting exhaust and making a certain amount of noise. Where this traditional APU may be a solid choice would be during extended down periods or cooling a hot truck without running the engine.

No matter which cab/sleeper cooling option fits your application best, appropriate insulation is a necessity. A properly insulated cab and sleeper will minimize the cooling effort required by any system. An acoustic/thermal insulation package like Peterbilt SmartSound Insulation, combined with a complete cab/sleeper thermal insulation will help keep the cab quieter and cooler for the drivers down period.

Cool, well rested drivers are happy, productive drivers. Let the experts at your nearest JX Truck Center guide you through all of the options. We can help find the cooling solution that best fits your requirements.

Contact your local JX Truck Center if you would like more information on the Peterbilt SmartAir system or aftermarket options.


Author: David Curtis, Regional Sales Manager