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12 Truck Maintenance Preparations for Warmer Weather

The sun is shining, days are getting longer, and the air is starting to feel warmer. Spring must be around the corner. Preparing your truck for the warmer seasons is just as important as preparing your truck for cold weather. Here are 12 truck maintenance preparations that you can do today to properly prepare your truck prior to summer usage. 

  1. Check the tire pressure on a regular basis to ensure they are safe for use in hot conditions.
  2. Top off all fluids.
  3. Check and replace belts as needed.
  4. Complete any recommended maintenance based on mileage.
  5. Get the air conditioning inspected.
  6. If you have a refrigeration unit, test the cooled compartments regularly.
  7. To improve efficiency and prevent corrosion repairs remove leftover residues from the winter sand and salt.
  8. Clean hard to reach areas such as the radiator and undercarriage as the buildups can damage systems.
  9. Prepare yourself! Stay hydrated, wear protective clothing, sunscreen, and rest in cooled areas when necessary.
  10. Separate your A/C condenser and air-to-air core from the radiator to help regulate the engine temperature.
  11. Check to see if your air filter needs to be replaced as it has spent a season accumulating salt dust.
  12. Check the battery and consider replacing it, or cleaning all the terminals of corrosion.

The warm weather beings a different challenge for truck drivers and these tips should help prepare your truck for summer usage. If you have any questions or need to make a maintenance appointment contact your local JX Truck Center. Our team is prepared to help!

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Author: Jerry Brickheimer – Manager Customer Uptime

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