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Introducing the new Paccar TX-8 Automatic Transmission

With the recent announcement of Peterbilts new medium duty “5 Series” on April 4th,  they also quietly released a new automatic transmission.

The Paccar TX-8 is named for its 8 gear layout with a wide ratio spread. Unlike its big brother the TX-12, this IS a true automatic transmission with a torque converter featuring a low-speed lock-up clutch engagement. The TX-8 boasts a 5% fuel economy improvement over the competition as well as reduced noise and vibration.  The dual PTO ports allow for a wider range of applications. The optimized communication with the PX series of engines will become a true powertrain solution for the new medium duty.

Here’s what to spec:

TX-8AP560- Peak Torque 560 = Paccar PX-7 200-240HP

TX-8AP660- Peak Torque 660 = Paccar PX-7 220-300HP

TX-8AP760- Peak Torque 760 = Paccar PX-7 325HP

TX-8AP860- Peak Torque 860 = Paccar PX-9 260-300HP

TX-8AP1000- Peak Torque 1000 = Paccar PX-9 330HP 

Contact your local JX Truck Center for the full run down on your next medium duty truck equipped with Paccar TX series of transmission.

Author: Dan Tinder, Regional Sales Manager

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