Mastering Virtual Interviews

If you're in the market for a job, it's a pretty strong possibility that you have done, or will do, a virtual interview. Due to social distancing recommendations, many companies are conducting virtual interviews for either the initial interview, or for multiple interviews. It makes sense. It ensures no one can spread COVID-19 and it's [...]

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Who’s Hiring Now and How Do I Land a Job?

It's no surprise that everyone's lives have drastically changed this year.  We're living in unprecedented times. Many companies are laying off employees, whether it's temporarily or permanently.  The last two weeks’ unemployment numbers were through the roof. Over 10 million people - about 6.4% of the country's workforce - filed for unemployment.  Maybe you're one [...]

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New Year, New You, and a New Approach to Land Your Dream Job

I love this time of the year. The holidays bring joy and happiness to many people. I enjoyed listening to all of my favorite Christmas songs, watching my kids unwrap their favorite toys, and spending time with loved ones. It's interesting pulling up Facebook and LinkedIn and reading people's goals for 2020. 2019 was a [...]

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Career Fair Tips & Tricks

Career Fairs can be an exciting, yet stressful time for anyone looking for a job. Whether you're in school or in the workforce looking for a change, you have a unique opportunity to connect with recruiters and managers from various companies and industries at one event. If you are interested in attending a career fair, [...]

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How to Score Your Dream Job

There is no doubt that the job market is growing, which subsequently means – competition is growing as well. It is important, now more than ever, to differentiate yourself from the crowd of applicants that you will be competing against. Using the necessary tools and tips provided in this article, we can help you score [...]

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Safety First: Heat Awareness

Staying Safe at Work During the Dog Days of Summer Heat Stroke is the most severe form of heat injury and happens when the body fails to cool down. The best way to help prevent heat related illnesses are to: Wear light colored clothing Schedule heavy works for the beginning or end of the day [...]

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The Business of Culture

 “If you don’t create a culture, a culture will create itself, and it won’t be good. If it hasn’t been nurtured, you can assume it’s the wrong culture.” - Bill Emerson, Vice Chairman, Quicken Loans Whether you manage a small team of individuals, or an entire organization, you own a culture. And the effectiveness [...]

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Rocking a Phone Interview

Nowadays, before you are selected for an in person interview with the company you're looking to work for, the HR department wants to conduct a phone interview to see if you are worth moving along to the next stage in the process. Your resume earned you the phone interview; now it's your chance to earn [...]

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Safety First: Inclement Weather

Staying Safe at a JX Truck Center Location During a Storm Every year across the Midwest we see weather that can affect people at all of our locations. From snowy winters to the warmer seasons that bring thunderstorms or tornadoes. It is important that all of our JX Truck Center locations have a plan [...]

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What matters most to customers in 2019? Dialogue, baby!

The best sales professionals around the world are beginning to recognize that the skills they need to compete in their respective industries today look quite different than they did – even just 10 years ago. Why did this change occur? Business needs and solutions are more complex in today’s business world than ever before. If [...]

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