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In-Person Interview Self-Assessment

When searching for a new job, the best feeling is receiving an offer from a company you’re excited to work for.

The worst feeling is receiving a (probably cold and auto-generated) rejection email. You can’t figure out why you didn’t get the job as you felt like you rocked the interview(s). The reason could be as simple as they promoted someone internally, or they closed the job posting to re-assess it in the future.  You’ll probably never know the real reason.

Another reason you weren’t selected may (strong emphasis on “may”) be due to the fact that you weren’t the strongest candidate. While you may not know what truly made them reject you, here are a few questions to ask yourself during your interview self-assessment:
  • Were you early, on time, or late to their interview?
  • Did you dress professionally or like you just came from the gym?
  • Did you ask what job you applied for? (Hint: don’t ever ask that question)
  • How was your communication in the interview (Were you soft-spoken, did you fail to make a lot of eye contact)?
  • Did you have a good or bad attitude?
  • How was your posture? Were you slouched or did you sit up straight?
  • Did you fidget with anything or swivel in your chair?
  • Did you bring your kid to the interview? (Yes, that’s a thing)
  • Were you on your phone during the interview?
  • Did you answer their questions directly or beat around the bush?
  • Were you short, sweet, and to the point in your answers? Or, did you talk too much? (Try to keep your answers to a minute or less.)
  • Did you convey to them their ability to perform the functions and duties of the job?
  • When asked about your prior work experience, did you bring up anything that may have been a cause for concern?
  • When discussing pay range, did you give them a minimum or range that may have been well beyond what the job pays?
  • Were you able to work the days and shifts that are required?
  • Did you have the experience/certifications that are required?
  • Did you ask any questions to inquire about the job, the company, advancement, training, etc.? (If you need help coming up with questions for any future interviews, view my blog post here)
  • Did you shoot yourself in the foot by providing incriminating information that was not asked of them? (Mentioning you’re 3 months pregnant or that you’re on disability, etc.)
  • Did you swear in the interview?
  • Did you give off an unpleasant scent? (Breath, body odor, etc.)
The interview and hiring process can be pretty subjective at times. Coupled with not knowing what the hiring manager(s) truly want and need in order to extend someone an offer, it makes looking for a new job even more frustrating and time-consuming. Preparing for an interview, researching the company, coming up with a list of questions, and asking yourself the above questions will help you land that dream job!
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Author: Nick Stafford, Talent Acquisition Lead

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