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Essential Workers in the Transportation Industry

With America under attack from this invisible enemy (COVID-19), there is a lot of bad news today, whether it be on the radio, the television, or just in coffee clutch conversations. However, there are so many true American heroes that are not getting recognized on a daily basis. The spirit of our country is as strong as ever and we see this every day at JX Truck Center across the midwest. Daily, we have “Heroes of the Highway” in our facilities bringing food, medical supplies, household necessities and parts for factories to keep producing the essential necessities needed.

JX Truck Center wants to salute and recognize our heroes to say THANK YOU!!! JX will continue to support the effort to keep these heroes on the road every day. We remain open and will not shut any facility down as long as we are needed to keep American truckers delivering essential products that our country needs. I am proud to be a small part of this incredible transportation industry. 

In our 50 years of service, we have seen a lot of changes but JX is here for the long haul. America has always risen to the occasion and together we will get through this as well. Without our “Heroes of the Highway”, we could not achieve this much-needed task and JX recognizes this every single day.

So… even though we may be wearing masks for a while, know that we are smiling underneath them. We are grateful for all of our brothers and sisters behind the wheels who are saving lives and not asking for the spotlight. Thank you to all of our employees and other essential workers in the transportation industry. You are heroes.

The country band Alabama has a song, “Forty Hour Week (For a Livin’)”, which contains lyrics that are applicable and appropriate to us in these times:

“This is for the one who drives the big rig, up and down the road
Or the one out in the warehouse, bringing in the load
Or the waitress, the mechanic, the policeman on patrol
For everyone who works behind the scenes
With a spirit you can’t replace with no machine
Hello America let me thank you for your time.”

Stay strong! JX remains open to offer all of our services in a time of need. If you are in the market for a truck give us a call at (888) 262-2096, our sales team is ready to help!

Author: Jeff Calabrese, Corporate Used Truck Manager

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