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With supply chains strained, and Americans buying-up on essential products, we know that the ability to keep America moving is vital to our country. 

A key component to keeping freight moving is the dedication of the trucking industry and it’s workforce. Thank you for your commitment to keeping hospitals, pharmacies, grocery stores, and other essential services stocked! 

While you’re dedicated to keeping America moving, we’re dedicated to ensuring you can get the parts needed to maintain your fleet. To help ensure your fleet is moving, all of our locations remain open for business. 

As usual, our Parts departments provide delivery to customers in our areas, allowing you to get the needed parts to keep your equipment operational. Additionally, beginning on Monday, April 6th we will be offering curbside parts pickup at all JX Truck Center locations. This new service is designed to help you get the parts you need fast while allowing you to do so safely, and from the comfort of your vehicle. 

To leverage curb-side parts pickup, simply call in and let us know what items you need. We will gather your parts, process payment and have your parts order ready by our door. When you arrive, we’ll come out with your items and get you squared away. 

With a wide array of items in stock and available immediately – and next-day parts availability to many more – we are dedicated to finding solutions to keep you up and running in a timely fashion.

From quality OEM parts, to cost-effective aftermarket solutions, we strive to have all the parts in all the right places to keep you moving forward.


Author: Chelsea Hoffman, Corporate Parts Manager

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