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If you are wondering what Peterbilt Red Oval Certified trucks are and what it means for a truck to have that certification, take a look at the Q&A with our JX Corporate Used Truck Manager, Bryan Holly. Bryan has been with JX for 7 years and has 10 years of experience in the transportation industry.

Q: What is a Peterbilt Red Oval Certified truck?

Bryan: A Peterbilt Red Oval Certified truck goes through a rigorous 150 point service inspection. MX powered equipment come with a factory warranty and Cummins powered equipment come with extended warranty. Read more about it here.

Q: What does it mean to offer the Red Oval Certified trucks at JX locations?  

Bryan: JX is proud to offer both JX Certified and Red Oval certified trucks. The both go through the same 150 point inspection. Offering certifications gives our customers a peace of mind that they will be problem free. If a problem arises with a Peterbilt Red Oval truck, the customer will be backed by the warranty.

Q: Why did JX start offering Peterbilt Red Oval Certified trucks?

Bryan: If a unit qualifies to be a Red Oval truck, it comes with the MX factory warranty. Being able to offer a factory warranty on MX powered equipment is huge. Also, Peterbilt Red Oval has done an excellent job presenting what a Red Oval truck stands for in the market. Customers specifically call looking for Peterbilt Red Oval Certified trucks.  

Q: Do the service diesel technicians need to be certified in something special in order to implement a Peterbilt Red Oval inspection? If so, what certification do they need?

Bryan: Our diesel technicians do not need to be certified in this process. However, there is a specific rigorous 150 point inspection report that is needed to be filled out along with ECM print. These items then get submitted to Peterbilt for approval.

Q: What’s the biggest benefit of purchasing a Peterbilt Red Oval Certified truck from JX?

Bryan: The biggest benefit would be that the warranty for the truck is included in price. And relief knowing that the truck received a 150 point service inspection.

Q: How many Peterbilt Red Oval Certified trucks does JX have currently in stock?

Bryan: JX currently has 42 units that are Peterbilt Red Oval Certified with 21 more coming before the end of 2018.

If you are interested in a Peterbilt Red Oval Certified truck (or a JX Certified truck) please take a look at our inventory and call/visit your local JX used truck salesman. We would love to work with you!