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JX Truck Center is proud to launch JX Certified Used Trucks.


JXCUT is a robust remarketing process which consistently delivers reliable equipment and is an exciting offering that allows our customers a differentiated experience with the JX brand.

What makes a truck JX Certified? It’s not just the “JX Certified Used Truck” brand clinging to the driver’s side window. It’s about the investment we are making in our customers’ businesses to help them be successful.

Instead of a typical three hour inspection, JXCUT’s undergo a thorough six hour, 150-point inspection raising our used trucks to a rigorous JX Standards of Reconditioning. As a part of this inspection our mechanics will look deep into each trucks’ components, to ensure that you’re getting a trustworthy road-ready & DOT inspected truck.

There are a lot of different practices being used in the used truck market. A lot of dealers are cleaning every DPF but not looking down stream to verify the SCR system is working properly causing the DPF to plug up within weeks. The test we run at JX will show the health of the entire after treatment system not just one component. And finally we make sure that every truck that goes through the process qualifies for a Premium 2000 Warranty.

Stop by or call today to buy a JX Certified Used Truck and experience true piece of mind!

Author: Bryan Holly, Regional Used Truck Manager