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In the world of medium duty trucks, how do you maximize your ROI when there are ample options to choose from for your chassis supplier? This is enough to confuse even the most savvy business entrepreneur. Why should you choose one brand over another? A quote that truck sales professionals often hear is “Well, trucks are trucks.” While this is a true statement at its core, there are many ways to ensure you are making a good investment with your fleet of 1 or 100.


The Peterbilt brand has long been synonymous with the long-hood, chromed, big horsepower, heavy hauling, rugged tractors since 1939. Yes! 80 Years! But did you know that Peterbilt has taken those proud merits and quality, and has been producing a medium duty product for several decades? The medium duty product line of the 330, 337, 348 and 220 COE takes those same quality standards of production – still above the rest. 

“But, why would I change brands?” I’m glad you asked! 

There are several reasons why Peterbilt is at the top of its class for durability:

  • Larger standard frame rails
  • ALL aluminum cab
  • Metton hood and fenders
  • Stainless steel grille to protect your expensive radiator

Peterbilt’s medium duty truck product line has weight ratings up to 66,000 pounds to fit just about any vocation. This all equates to a bigger picture of a much higher residual value over the life of your truck. With this higher residual value, you are in a better position to sell your medium duty truck for more when it’s time to trade. Or you can use this benefit to get into a lower payment monthly on a FMV or TRAC lease!

peterbilt medium duty trucks maximize roi

Hino Medium Duty Trucks

JX Truck Center also is a proud franchisee of the Hino Trucks brand out of our Bolingbrook, Illinois location. The flexible product offering of the 155, 195, 258, 268 and 338 has a medium duty truck for anyone’s business needs with weight ratings from 15,000 pounds to 33,000 pounds. Hino trucks are built right here in the USA and are backed by absolutely the longest standard factory powertrain warranty in the medium duty industry. 5 Years! 

Hino also offers programs like “Insight” to help monitor your trucks health, telematics and case management to help reduce downtime. In addition to “Insight”, Hino also offers a service based program called Hino Care. Hino Care is your perfect hands-off approach to maintenance on Engine Oil, Filters, Air filters, Transmission Fluid and Differential Fluids. Included in your Hino Care plan, you also get a courtesy check on a number of other items to help insure your truck is in tip-top shape.


hino medium duty trucks maximize roi

Whether you’re focused on image, versatility or return on investment; these two great brands will suit your company. Pick up the phone and give your JX Sales Executive a call today to find out more about the product and competitive finance options that your business needs!

Author: Nathan Heller, Sales Executive

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