At JX Truck Center – Bolingbrook our sales team is prepared to help you find the perfect truck. Hino is one of the truck brands that our Bolingbrook team specializes in. While Hino Trucks offer many benefits we want to discuss Hino’s truck preventative maintenance program, HinoCare.

HinoCare helps fleet managers and business owners control vehicle maintenance costs. Based on the make & models of your fleet, Hino offers different plans and services that best fit your needs. Some key benefits of HinoCare include:

  • Cost Reduction to minimize the overall customer operational costs.
  • Structure to allow easy planning of vehicle maintenance costs.
  • Value to receive complete preventative maintenance records to maximize resale value

HinoCare helps customers plan their maintenance schedule which delivers a peace of mind. Talk with JX’s Nathan Marcy about HinoCare today our Bolingbrook location or 630-516-3560 x3344.


Author: Jim Woodison, Regional Sales Manager