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Electric Vehicles and the Future of Trucking

Are electric vehicles the future of trucking?

There has been a lot of talk about electric vehicles (EV) and many OEM’s already have models on the roads. Technology has evolved a lot over time which allows for trucks to be electric in today’s world. If EV’s are the future, here is what Peterbilt has to offer.

Peterbilt is leading the charge on zero-emission technology and currently has a fully battery-electric Model 579EV. This model is ideal for regional haul, pickup delivery, and last-minute operations. These trucks are designed for optimal weight distribution and performance. The charge time for one of these models is 1-5 hours recharge time. The Model 579EV features all the aerodynamic benefits, driver comfort, great visibility, and safety measures. The electric powertrain and zero-emission are great solutions for your business. 

Peterbilt’s EV’s are eligible for the HVIP program by the California Air Resources board. Peterbilt now has the models 579EV, Model 520EV, and Model 220EV. Peterbilt’s EVs use thermally-controlled lithium iron phosphate batteries that range up to 200 miles. EV’s is the future of trucking technology today. Peterbilt’s complete fleet of EV’s are available for order right now and customers already have these on the road getting real-world miles.

If you have any questions about EV’s or are interested in learning more please contact your local JX Sales Executive. Our sales team is prepared to help!

Author: Zack Meier, Sales Executive

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