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Many terminal tractors work round-the-clock with no vacation, in all weather conditions, with no down-time. They are driven short distances towing heavy loads and are stopped and started repeatedly. Many businesses who own terminal tractors are using them to facilitate other parts of their business and many do not own fleets, so truck maintenance is not always the first order of business.   

Indeed, these trucks have to be built to last and Ottawa has a history of continuous improvement in quality, durability, and design innovation which is why they are the #1 terminal tractor manufacturer in the US.  

Increased EPA emissions requirements have increased the cost of horsepower without necessarily increasing productivity. Ottawa has introduced many product improvements alongside emissions changes to provide MORE value to every customer that buys an Ottawa.

Time for a replacement? Here’s what’s new!

Ottawa has produced over 60,000 terminal tractors and recently went back to the drawing board and consulted with the real terminal-tractor experts, our customers, to create the next generation terminal tractor — the Ottawa T2.

From the ground up, every aspect of the Kalmar Ottawa T2 has been designed to make the high-pressure task of spotting trailers in your terminal smoother, safer and more efficient. Its modular chassis is built to cope with the heavy demands of terminal operations yet is lightweight enough to reduce fuel consumption and increase maneuverability.

Fifth-wheel lifting is faster and more powerful than ever thanks to the quick-lift cylinders, spherical top and bottom bearings and improved lift support. The T2 provides a redesigned ergonomic operator environment, safer and easier entry and exit, superb visibility and protection and unparalleled comfort and user-friendliness.

The T2 in the 4×2 configuration is DOT/EPA certified as road-ready. It’s perfect for distribution operations in dispersed warehouses and terminals where short-distance highway travel is required.

Other improvements include:

  • Redesigned front suspension for improved ride quality
  • New cylinder supports for longer life
  • Ground level access to all fluid containers and maintenance checks
  • ROPS certified cab and 20% more visibility for increased safety
  • Standard warranty increased from 1 year/3000 hours to 2 years/6000 hours!

View the PDF for a full comparison. 

JX has Spotters IN STOCK NOW —  call your local JX Sales Executive for more information or for a product demonstration.

Author: Darren Simon