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Summer is coming to an end, kids are getting ready to head back to school and share the exciting adventures they experienced over their summer break. 

If kids had the opportunity to go on a truck road trip, what kind of an adventure would they embark on? Well, here are a few things that kids can learn and see by joining their mom or dad on a summer road trip in a big semi truck: 


  • See new sights such as big grain silos and different state landscapes
  • See other trucks with all of their truck lights on
  • Visit the world’s largest truck stop in Iowa
  • Eat different state foods and meet interesting people
  • Math! Kids can help calculate how many gallons of fuel the truck will need to drive a certain distance (if they have an average miles per gallon).
  • Learn about the interstate; how the mile markers and exits are arranged
  • Learn the importance of trucks & how to drive alongside trucks safely
  • Learn about US geography 
  • Spend quality time with their mom or dad and make new memories!


A truck road trip can be a lot of fun and educational for kids. The adventures, memories and experiences are priceless. And for drivers, the quality time spent with their kids means the world! Especially because many drivers miss milestone events such as the first day of school and birthdays. 

If your company allows it, do you take your kids on the road with you for a few days over the summer? Share your stories and let us know what your experience is!