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Staying Safe at a JX Truck Center Location During a Storm

Every year across the Midwest we see weather that can affect people at all of our locations. From snowy winters to the warmer seasons that bring thunderstorms or tornadoes. It is important that all of our JX Truck Center locations have a plan in place for the slight chance that something major were to happen. Our goal is to make sure that all customers and associates are safe in the event of a serious weather situation. Next time you find yourself at one of our locations looking at a Peterbilt truck or purchasing truck parts during a storm, keep these safety tips in mind:

  • Take all weather warnings seriously.
  • Get Inside. Seek shelter in an area that does not have windows such as bathrooms or hallways.
  • Get Down. Get underground if possible.
  • Cover Up. Flying and falling debris is a very real hazard.  

We are dedicated to safety and will help protect our customers and associates when needed. Stay safe and remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram for more blog posts and other interesting content.


Author: Charlie Palzkill, EHS Coordinator

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