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Partnering with Sourcewell to Provide Durable and Reliable Equipment

Last summer Peterbilt partnered with a Minnesota-based organization called Sourcewell.

It is a government agency designed by the Minnesota legislature to create a sole source purchase opportunity for all types of items, equipment and services. This means through partnering with Sourcewell, an agency can purchase anything they need with a standard discount without worrying whether the product meets all government regulations, making the search for products easier than ever before. Because Peterbilt is a registered Sourcewell vendor, Peterbilt and its affiliates can purchase any Peterbilt equipment through Sourcewell, whether it be heavy-duty, medium-duty or additional truck equipment. 

So who exactly can use Sourcewell and why would agencies use it?

For an agency to use Sourcewell, they do not have to be a government entity or even based out of Minnesota. It is available for all government, nonpublic and nonprofit organizations in the United States and Canada. If an agency partners with Sourcewell, they are under no obligation to purchase anything using their services. Sourcewell allows partnered organizations to purchase almost any equipment one may need for their agency, including Peterbilts which helps the agency save money and time. Not only is it helpful, but this process is also fully compliant with all government requirements. 

Many government agencies have chosen to work with Peterbilt through Sourcewell to simplify the purchasing process while remaining fully compliant and satisfying competitive bid requirements. The awarded bid process allows purchases to satisfy their competitive bid requirements with a single quote. Because this new process is relatively unique, further education can be found by contacting a Sourcewell sales representative. Before Sourcewell offered its services, sometimes customers would face the possibility of receiving a less than optimal truck because it was the lowest bid. 

Peterbilt and its affiliates can build the perfect truck specifications for their needs or their customer’s needs with a standard discount, varying depending on the model. Agencies can also purchase additional equipment for their trucks such as a body or a snow plow through Sourcewell. Because of this, highway departments and entities who maintain the road have benefitted from getting into durable, high-performing, and reliable Peterbilt products while still meeting all requirements and regulations. 

If eligible, government entities, nonpublic schools and nonprofit organizations in the market for a truck who choose to work with a knowledgeable and experienced sales executive at JX can get all of these benefits. For more information on how Sourcewell can help you or your organization, please contact a truck sales executive at your local JX Truck Center, a two times awarded Sourcewell dealer of the year/MVP.

Author: Nick Fortin, Sales Executive