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2020 is an exciting year at JX Rental! For starters, we are celebrating JX Enterprises’s 50 years of success, and looking forward to the next 50 years. We have also placed a large truck order to refresh units in our straight truck, day cab, sleeper, and Ottawa yard spotter rental fleets. But the most exciting news to date is the order of our vocational truck fleet rentals! 

Recognizing the growing demand on vocational truck fleet operators, JX Rental is expanding our truck rental types. In addition to adding to our quad axle dump truck fleet, we will soon have hook and cable lift rental units for refuse use, and Non-CDL stake body trucks. We have also added to our day cab with wet kit rental fleet. These wet kits will allow for a dump trailer, walking floor, low boy, and beaver tail trailers. 

We have the rental you need at JX. Give one of our Rental Representatives a call or visit your local JX for your next rental truck!


Author: Sean Walford – Area Rental Manager, JX Leasing

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