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By October, most of us are thinking of the coming winter and inclement weather. At JX Truck Center, we support our public works customers as they prepare their fleets for the inevitable. However, I find the wide range of applications remarkable that we serve with our Peterbilt trucks, throughout the public sector. 

Snow removal trucks are the most common and the upfit options are endless. Municipalities use both dry and wet snow removal methods, both of which require a different upfit option. As environmental concerns heighten, less harsh deicer methods are used such as beet juice.  Plows come in a variety of options as well, all that can be accommodated by the various Peterbilt models. Typically, municipalities evaluate their truck count requirements based on total lane miles, and routes served. 

Due to budget constraints, public works are specing trucks to host multiple applications. This is often accomplished with a hooklift system that allows bodies to be interchanged. Other applications include street sweeper, sewer cleaner, traffic control, pavement marker, leaf vac, aerial/bucket, fire tanker and refuse, to name only a few! Often a single truck chassis can support several of these functions. Further, the Peterbilt chassis can be readily adapted to bodybuilder requirements.

In addition to high dependability, high residual value, and low maintenance cost, fleets turn to Peterbilt for driver safety, visibility, egress, ergonomics, maneuverability and comfort. Peterbilt is unique in using a complete aluminum cab, stainless steel components and aluminum fuel tanks. This is critical to mitigating corrosion and premature deterioration. Our bulkhead doors and cowl mounted mirrors support a tight cab throughout years of use. Also, our “snow friendly” windshield is a remarkable feature that avoids snow buildup in the critical windshield wiper area. 

At JX Truck Center, we also consult on other ways to reduce corrosion. Options include zinc treatment of frames, aluminum wheels, aluminum air tanks. We make recommendations in alignment with the public works desired lifecycle. More frequently, due to revenue pressures, municipalities are forced to hold equipment longer than originally projected. With Peterbilt, whether the lifecycle is planned, or unplanned, we can help extend the life of municipal equipment.

For both the public and private sector, there are two key aspects of the fleet management acquisition process: sourcing and funding. Recently, there have been newer sourcing methods specifically designed for municipalities. Sourcewell, formerly known as the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA), is an excellent sourcing option. The pricing is negotiated nationally for all forms of direct, and indirect products and services. Peterbilt has been a longtime member of this group, and has successfully provided equipment to a variety of government institutions.  

Within Sourcewell, JX Truck Center has earned the #1 performance award among all Peterbilt dealers throughout the US. We will be glad to share how it can work for your public entity.

Finally, municipalities are becoming much keener on how vehicle assets are capitalized. Often, they purchase in alignment with their fiscal needs, not always their operational requirements.  This is where equipment leasing can provide a clear benefit. PACCAR municipal leasing allows immediate use of the equipment while spreading 100% of the cost over its useful life. The municipality also enjoys ownership of the equipment at the expiration of the lease term.


Visit or call your local JX if you would like more information or are interested in purchasing a Peterbilt truck to get your fleet ready.  


Author: Connie Swenson, Sales Executive

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