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So you’re looking to buy a truck and you’re scanning the internet. There are tens of thousands of new and used trucks for sale right at your fingertips. You may be looking for a sleeper truck so you’ve started to narrow the search. And you know how big of a sleeper you would like to have, so the search narrows again. So now it’s just a matter of choosing. And Trucks are Trucks, right?

In a very general way, yes, trucks are trucks. But when it comes right down to it, it is the trucks specifications and options that are going to provide the best solution for your business. Here are a just few examples to consider:

  • Upper bunk. This option is relatively inexpensive to add to a new truck and it can be used for sleeping or for additional storage. But when it is time to resell the truck, this option adds thousands of dollars. It is well worth the initial investment and it opens the used truck market to a larger group of buyers.
  • Automated Transmission. Although many driver’s prefer to shift manually, automated manual transmissions are becoming the standard of the industry. Their cost is minimal, if not equal to their manual counterparts but they now bring a premium on the used truck market. And many drivers are now licensed only for automated transmissions, which can limit a fleets ability to slip-seat drivers.
  • Sliding 5th Wheel. Many trucks are equipped with stationary 5th wheel plates. This style sets the fifth wheel in the optimal location for weight distribution and aerodynamics for the trucks original purpose. But what happens when the business changes or the truck is sold into the used market?  A sliding fifth wheel is another inexpensive option when purchased new but those costs are easily recouped at resale through higher values and a larger audience of buyers.

The list of custom options available for trucks goes on and on. And it gets larger when you add-in day cabs or work trucks or job specific vocational equipment. That internet search you’re doing may get you headed in the right direction but it could also lead you down the wrong path. The best way to navigate through specifications is to work with a knowledgeable sales executive that can help provide your business with the right solution, not just a truck.

Call your local JX Sales Executive if you are in the market for a new or used truck. They will help you find THE best solution for your needs.

AUTHOR: Regional Sales Manager