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More and more long distance haulers are putting driver teams on the road today. Cross country routes, and driving hour limitations have necessitated teams to keep these trucks rolling as much as possible. Team drivers present a unique set of requirements for driver comfort and efficiency.

Features that may make these trucks a better fit for drivers with varied experience and skill levels are a start. Advanced automated shifting transmissions like the PACCAR 12 speed take one skill variable out of the equation. Easy starts including hill start assist, smooth shifting, and great low speed maneuverability are features that help even less experienced drivers become more proficient.

The most important consideration is sleeper size and configuration. Not only are double bunks a necessity for most teams, but also room for two sets of gear and clothing storage. Peterbilt has recently added a new open high roof sleeper option to their 579 truck. The new UltraLoft sleeper is tailored toward teams, or any driver that desires an open to roofline, spacious sleeper. The UltraLoft can be equipped with provisions for up to a 32” flat panel TV. A wardrobe closet with 45” of height keeps clothing neat. Available storage ports for two CPAP machines help ensure drivers get the most restful sleep possible.

Team driving is here to stay. Why not put your teams in a truck that will make sure they stay as productive and comfortable as possible, with an eye toward driver retention: the Peterbilt 579 UltraLoft. Choosing the best solution for your team starts with a visit to our team at JX Truck Center. Your Partner for the Long Haul.

Contact your local JX Truck Center if you would like more information on the Peterbilt UltraLoft.

Author: David Curtis, Regional Sales Manager

This post was originally published in February 22, 2019 and has been updated on July 12, 2019.