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Many companies overlook the significant impact that developing and empowering employees has on the overall business and the employees themselves. The importance of empowering employees in the workplace is clear when the benefits of doing so are understood and not underestimated. Employee empowerment creates individual and group confidence, enabling people to work more efficiently and more effectively. When people are confident within their work and with their employer, they are more willing to help identify problems and work on ways to improve them.

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Not only will these employees have more confidence, empowered employees create the ability to think, behave, take action, control work, and make certain decisions, rather than those who only follow standard procedures when working autonomously without the constant micromanagement from their boss (Chron). These individuals have a feeling that they are in control of their own destiny. They feel they are in control of their work environment and can make decisions in the areas they control and impact their job responsibilities.

When organizations empower their employees it can help increase business profitability and improve company culture along with employee satisfaction (ForwardFocus). Gallup’s 2013 Employee Engagement survey, finds that organizations who leverage employee empowerment receive 50% higher degrees of customer loyalty. By empowering your employees, businesses give their team more resources they need to get the job done, procedures that employees know represent best practices for serving customers, and the authority to go the extra mile for their company.

All in all, empowering your employees can lead to higher job satisfaction, higher customer satisfaction, increased collaboration among team members, higher self-confidence in your employees, and higher quality output, and that’s exactly what we do here at JX.

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Author: Johnny Herrera, HR Business Partner