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Social Media can MAKE or BREAK your job search.


With Summer right around the corner it’s prime time for festivals, BBQ’s, weddings, and sandy beaches. That being said, it’s wise to make sure that your social media presence stays professional.  

According to, a whopping “70 percent of U.S. business managers say they decided not to hire a job candidate based upon something found out about them online.”

Know your digital identity:   

First impressions last a lifetime. With Google, Twitter, and Facebook at everyone’s fingertips, your digital reputation needs to be spot on.

Here are our 12 do’s and don’ts for your social media:


Show your future employer what drives you. Stay positive, and stay professional! Use social media to do research on your potential employer, and stay connected by following them. 

Clean up your page:

Update your privacy settings on all of your social media platforms. Know who can view your page, who can post pictures or comments on your page, and most importantly who your friends are.

Don’t let the job you want slip through your fingers because of your social media platform.


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