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JX Truck Center is all about the customer journey. We created an amazing experience for Corey and Kurt Moeggenborg, father-son duo, from Fisher Transport in Michigan. Corey and Kurt were flown out to the Peterbilt plant in Denton, Texas. The trip was arranged with Brian Louis (Peterbilt District Sales Manager) and Tim Trudell (Sales Executive at JX Truck Center – Grand Rapids).

Corey and Kurt arrived in Denton on Tuesday, January 23rd. Upon arrival, they checked into their hotel and had a delicious dinner in downtown Denton, courtesy of Peterbilt. The following morning, the four gentlemen headed to the Denton plant for the “Peterbilt Experience.” During this tour, an associate walked them through areas dedicated to the history and future of the company. Little did Corey and Kurt know, JX had a surprise of a lifetime waiting for them.

As they approached, they noticed a bright red Peterbilt in the distance. Corey and Kurt were ecstatic to see one of their completed truck orders straight off the line! Peterbilt had detailed the rig and polished every square inch. Corey and Kurt were blown away! Their custom designed Peterbilt Model 389 was now ready for the road. After the “Peterbilt Experience” and truck reveal, the group moved on to tour the rest of the plant.

Our friends at Fisher Transport are still talking about the Peterbilt Experience. JX is thrilled to deliver transportation excellence to Corey and Kurt Moeggenborg, and hope to continue the partnership for many years to come. A special thank you to Brian Louis, Tim Trudell and our partners in Denton, Texas.