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Full-Service Lease

+ Predictable monthly costs
+ Licensing & fuel tax reporting available
+ Substitute vehicles available
+ Preventative maintenance included
+ Factory trained technicians complete repairs
+ Off balance sheet expenses

Equipment Ownership

– Unpredictable costs may arise
– Licensing & fuel tax reporting at owner’s expense
– Rental vehicles available at owner’s expense
– Maintenance is completed at owner’s expense
– The owner holds responsibility for repairs
– On balance sheet expenses

Our full-service leasing options can eliminate the burdens associated with truck ownership, including maintenance, shop labor, fuel tax reporting and vehicle disposal. Our custom spec’d equipment is built to meet your needs, incorporating optimal fuel efficiency and the appropriate carrying capacity to meet the demands of your business. Full-service leasing provides peace of mind, quality equipment and predictable expenses, allowing you to focus on your primary business.

To learn if full-service leasing is the right option for you, contact the JX  location nearest you and ask for a Lease Executive.