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An industry run predominately by men shines light on an individual who’s in rare company, as a woman in charge of operations at our JX Truck Center – Wausau location.

Tracy Jonas was featured in the Business News section in the Northcentral Wisconsin Newspaper earlier this month, and it doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone who knows her. Her dedication to the success of JX Truck Center roots back to her regime of managing the Marketing department for 13 years. Jonas brought with her an itch for innovative ideas and creativity, exploring new avenues for growth opportunities.

After her tenure in Marketing, Jonas switched gears to assist with used trucks, and eventually into operations at our Wausau Dealership.  As an Operations Manager, Jonas began to identify her own strengths and apply them wherever possible to create and fill her own niche. In this role, she oversees parts, service and the facility as a whole.

Jonas is the definition of a successful woman in trucking. She has the ability to take on a challenge and tackle it quickly. Her diverse background with JX allowed her to see the company through many different lenses and she uses her industry knowledge to continue leading the Wausau Team.

JX Truck Center is proud and fortunate to have Tracy Jonas apart of our team. She is setting the standard for women everywhere, who desire to work in industries predominately run by men.

Keep raising the bar, Tracy!

Author: Sam Watenpuhl, Marketing Specialist