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JX Fields a New Rental Representative for Central and Southern Illinois

Hay! When it comes to your trucking news JX seeks to be an a-maize-ing asset to your company. Which is why our new Rental Representative, Becky Johnson, is all ears to what you require so you can get “pasture” obstacles. Her experience, passion and background in agriculture will help you with your truck rental needs.

Becky is excited about the opportunity to rent JX’s diverse fleet assisting in the success of those in central and southern Illinois. Our fleet contains trucks with valuable features which will make us the perfect partner for the long haul. The Peterbilt 579 has been specifically designed to offer a tighter turning radius compared to our competitors. This truck is also built in a manner that makes it lighter so you are able to haul more per load without compromising bridge laws. Given the sleek and aerodynamic nature of the 579, it is one of the top within the industry for fuel mileage. These three characteristics will be another tool for you to use for being successful in your operation.

The combination of her knowledge and our truck specs are a powerhouse in helping you thrive during this unprecedented transition from being closed down to finding a new normal. This past year was tough for the agriculture and trucking industry, but it is, and will continue, to be on the rise. As the economy begins to flourish and the planting season arrives Becky will be there for those in central and southern Illinois.

If you are in need of a rental truck please connect with Becky or your local JX Rental Representative. Our team is prepared to get you a rental and keep you on the road!

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