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Here at JX we offer a lot of different solutions for our customers, anything from Parts & Service, to Sales & Finance, and even Leasing. We offer what is known as a Full Service Lease or an FSL. People often ask, “How does a Full Service Lease work?” In a nutshell, a full service lease is an operating lease (closed-end-lease) with no residual exposure to the customer, that contains a custom built vehicle on a predetermined term length with all maintenance included. To dive deeper into this topic, I will discuss a few frequently asked questions we often hear in the FSL world.


What type of equipment do you offer?

At JX, we offer a variety of different equipment: day cabs, sleepers, straight trucks and yard tractors. Every piece of equipment that we offer on FSL is custom built to fit the customer’s specific operation. We can put together an FSL that offers equipment that can be very basic to extremely complex.     

How long is the lease term?

There is no typical lease term length, as every business and operation is unique. At JX, a typical FSL is often between 3 – 7 years, and can, at times, be dictated by the customer’s annual mileage and type of equipment. At times, the longer the lease, the lower the payment. However, many customers opt for a shorter lease term, and there are numerous reasons why they would choose that route. Often times, it is so they can have shorter equipment life cycles to keep up with the ever changing advancements in technology, to fulfill contractual obligations, or simply because they feel more comfortable keeping the term short. Whatever the needs are for the customer, we can provide a solution that best fits their situation.

What service / maintenance is included?

An FSL at JX is essentially a full maintenance lease. Again, every lease is unique based on the customers operation. We cover all regularly scheduled maintenance and wear & tear repairs. In many leases, we also cover all regular tire wear.   

If you would like to learn more about our FSL program, please give us a call at any location as we would love the opportunity to sit down and learn about your operation to put the proper lease package together for you.

Author: Andrew Haenisch, Lease Sales Executive