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Through JX Gives Back JJ is able to give back to his medical team at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

At 4 months old, JJ needed emergency heart surgery to repair a severely narrowed bicuspid aortic valve. Because of a successful surgery, at 5 years old, JJ is able to run up to the team that saved his life and present them with a donation to help save the lives of more children.

“If not for a random x-ray that got us into the Herma Heart Center, our son would not be here today,” says Erin Francisco, JXF Credit Underwriter. Erin is extremely grateful for the doctors at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin who took JJ’s x-ray results seriously and his surgeon, Dr. Mitchell, for performing a successful surgery.

Erin leads by example, and when the opportunity arose through JX Gives Back to recommend an organization to give to, she immediately thought of JJ and Herma Heart Center.

After Erin told JJ that JX Gives Back chose to donate $750 to Herma Heart Center in his honor, JJ’s eyes got really big, and a cheesy smile grew on his face. when Erin told him that JX chose to donate $750 to Herma Heart Center in his honor.

“JJ was super excited to be a part of it. It made him feel very special to be able to hand deliver the check, too,” says Erin.

On June 29, 2017, JX Gives Back, along with JJ and his mom, presented the donation to JJ’s medical team at the Children’s Hospital. JJ and Erin were also accompanied by JXF General Manager, David Menke.

“It means so much to work for a company that cares enough to pay it forward and bless others,” says Erin. “Gestures like this are what keep employees and customers loyal and help to spread the word of a great organization.”

JJ spent five days at Children’s Hospital after his surgery and has to go back every two years for check-ups.

“At Children’s there are so many families that are not as lucky as us to have their child’s issue discovered so early on. Some families spend months in the hospital,” says Erin, “and it is very important to us to be able to help those family get through such a scary time.”

For Erin, the uplifting attitude of the staff at Herma Heart Center made her experience that much easier. They helped JJ’s parents stay calm during a scary time and made sure to answer any questions they had.

“While we were in the ICU, the staff was so happy and upbeat,” says Erin. “That attitude really helps lift your spirits in a stressful situation.”

In the same way, JJ was able to bring joy to his medical team by stopping by to say hi and to give them a well-deserved donation from JX Gives Back.

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