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Our very own Chief Financial Officer, Mark Muskevitsch, has been awarded CFO of the Year by the Milwaukee Business Journal.


Shining through the spotlight of this prestigious accomplishment, is Muskevitsch’s humbleness. He told the journal, “I happen to manage a great group of people that are genuinely solid. It’s really the entire team,” when asked about his success.

Mark Muskevitsch joined our team as CFO in May 2002. During his time with us, he has restructured our accounting procedures, introduced a financial reporting software, revamped employee benefits such as 401(k) plans, gave rise to the entire financial reporting department, and managed customer financing programs.

Although Muskevitsch remains modest in the face of these numerous accomplishments, Eric Jorgensen speaks to our CFO’s success by explaining how, “[Muskevitsch] has successfully helped me navigate multiple acquisitions and shareholder transactions. His enthusiasm and sense of humor are welcoming to everyone.”

Others have come forward to explain how our CFO has operated as such a strong asset in the years he has been with us. Our partner at Wipfli LLP, Gina Skibo, said, “Mark’s approach is one of continuous improvement. He creates significant value through his ability to both execute complex strategies and find common sense solutions.”

Speaking of development, Muskevitsch’s leadership has led us to revolutionize our business by expanding into Michigan in 2010 and Indiana in 2011. Richard Yezzi, VP of Human Resources, comments, “These acquisitions changed the dynamic of the organization, shifting from a small, regional mindset to a more national focus, placing us as one of the largest Peterbilt dealer groups in the nation.” Furthermore, Yezzi illustrates how Muskevitsch has served as an enthusiastic leader. “Outside of our owner, Eric Jorgensen, no single person has had more of a positive impact on this organization than Mark. His leadership and integrity have stood out in our company and in our industry.”

At the end of the day, nothing feels better than working for a company with such superior leadership. We could not be more proud to have Mark Muskevitsch, CFO of the year, as one of the faces of JX.


Congratulations, Mark!