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HARTLAND, WI – On August 31, 2018 JX Truck Center-Wausau became a Volvo Certified Uptime Center.  With this certification, JX Truck Center will help maximize vehicle uptime with greater service bay availability and standardized processes that lead to expedited check-in and repair times. “After-the-sale support is vital for our customers and their equipment. By becoming Uptime Certified, we take one more step that proves we are serious about taking care of our business partners.” says Tracy Jonas, Wausau Operations Manager.

One of the keys to the certification is dedicated Uptime Service Bays, where trucks requiring repairs of four hours or less are serviced immediately. Couple this with revised workflows and service processes and customers can be back in service much quicker than the traditional first-come, first-served repair practice. In addition, the department has fully integrated Volvo ASIST, a web-based service management tool with direct messaging that keeps all parties informed real-time. “The Certified Uptime process promotes better communication which results in a better service and a better customer experience. And that has always been our goal.” says Jonas.

Volvo Certified Uptime Centers were established as a part of Volvo’s on-going commitment to increase customer uptime. To be certified, dealers must implement numerous modifications to their service processes.

In addition to quick diagnosis of a truck’s service needs, the centers are fully integrated with other Volvo Trucks uptime solutions, including Remote Diagnostics and the recent integration of the Truck Diagnostic System and web-based service management tool, Volvo ASIST.

About JX
JX is a family-owned, locally-operated group of more than 24 truck dealerships and support services in the upper midwest. JX Truck Center, JX Financial, Alltrux Capital, JX Rental, JX Leasing, JX Graphics, and Alltrux Truck & Trailer Parts are all subsidiaries. JX prides itself in their ability to help customers by providing transportation solutions to fit their long- and short-term goals. JX was founded in 1970 and is headquartered in Hartland, Wisconsin proudly representing the Peterbilt, Volvo, Hino & Kalmar Ottawa brands. Visit them at