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The best sales professionals around the world are beginning to recognize that the skills they need to compete in their respective industries today look quite different than they did – even just 10 years ago.

Why did this change occur?

Business needs and solutions are more complex in today’s business world than ever before.

If you are a sales professional – and you want to be at the top of your game – understand that your buyers (regardless of product or industry) need partners who do two simple things: add value and help them meet strategic goals.

This means that you are responsible for building the confidence and skills necessary to engage your buyers in constructive & productive dialogue.

The cold hard truth for many sales professionals is that they can be their own worst enemy in winning over their competition. But sales isn’t for the weak or faint of heart. Sales professionals today have to be willing to challenge the customer. They have to be willing to ask the tough questions. They have to want to help the customer make the best purchasing decision for their unique business and their unique situation.

But this isn’t an easy thing for many people to do.


Because it requires a sales professional to get themselves (and the customer) out of their respective comfort zones to find out what the real “business needs” are. When sales professionals properly execute the steps of their sales process – and they “personalize” the buying experience for each of their customers – not only does one gain the successes they are looking for personally and professionally – they are delivering an opportunity to help the customer clarify their way of thinking, helping them make a more informed purchasing decision, and gaining the trust of a new business partner.

Ask yourself one simple question: “What am I doing to differentiate myself from the competition?” What are you doing behind the scenes that will separate you from the rest of the pack? Customers want to be “wowed.” They want to partner with sales organizations that they honestly believe have their best interests in mind.

Are you willing to change?

Are you creating “wow”?

The time is now.

Author: Manager of Learning & Development